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Reviews of Our Courses


The following are just some of the reviews of our courses.  We hope you find the courses and learning format as easy and rewarding as the following professionals.



This is the best online course I have ever taken.  The content was excellent.  I have served on a State Ethics Committee and this was an excellent review.  In addition, I appreciate the way Behavioral Health offers the courses at no risk to the professional since they can all be reviewed before purchase!


K.R., Vilonia, AR      Psychologist


I am very pleased!  Wish I would have known about this site sooner!!!!


W.A., San Francisco, CA      Clinical Social Worker


Excellent course!  It will definitely help me in my work.


C.D., Jacksonville, FL      Psychologist


This is the third course I have completed and found all to be superior.


F.N., Thousand Oaks, CA      Nurse


I found the course to be well organized, well developed, and well written.  It was both informative and interesting.  I also found it user friendly as I am not very proficient with computers.


R.S., Tallahassee, FL     Licensed Professional Counselor


Great course.  Comprehensive and well organized.


A.M., Saint Petersburg, FL     MFCC


Best short course I’ve ever taken on the subject.  Useful, practical review of recent research, and integration with psych testing data.


F.K., West Orange, NJ      Psychologist


Excellent course.  Having just testified in a case last week, this material is certainly current and relevant.


L.D., New York, NY      Psychologist


The information was a helpful review and provided a great deal of updated, applicable information.  Thank you for the application of information to the QME process.  It was very helpful. 


Y.L., Fresno, CA       Psychologist   


I found these three QME Chronic Pain Management Courses immensely beneficial and useful in my practice.  I highly recommend psychologists, LMFT’s and LCSW’s to take these very practical and applicable courses.


J.D., San Luis Obispo, CA      Psychologist


Super helpful information with clients I see.   These courses heightened my level of interest in learning more!


M.B., Englewood, CO      LCSW


The course content was EXCELLENT. I have loved all the courses constructed by the instructor (Dr. William W. Deardorff).


P.S., Cincinatti, OH      Psychologist


Loved this course!


B.B., State College, PA    LCSW


Great learning experience.


P.M., Bellingham, WA     Psychologist


Not only a useful introduction to the MMPI-2 and pain, but also considerate of those not very familiar with the MMPI.


J.R., Philadelphia, PA     Psychologist


Great format and a great learning experience.


J.W., Indianapolis, IN      Dentist


Great course, especially the discussion of etherapy.


J.W., Covallis, OR     Psychologist


Good course.


M.G., Tucson, AZ      Physician


Excellent way to get QME credits.


J.A., West Hollywood, CA     Psychologist


I like your site and will definitely be taking more classes.


K. J., Kapolei, HI     Psychologist


A very well done course.


L.C., Birmingham, AL       MFCC


The best presentation I have ever experienced!


R.S., San Antonio, TX     LCSW


Great course.  I will definitely use your program again.


R. B., Los Angeles, CA      Nurse


This was an excellent refresher of things I have read in the past and provided valuable new material for me to share with clients.  Thank you.


P.M., Covina, CA      Psychologist


This course was both convenient, easy to use, and packed with useful and relevant information.


T.S., Columbus, GA      Psychologist


This was a great course.  One of the best I have ever taken.  I will take all the courses that Dr. Deardorff has to offer.


S.R., Portland, OR      Psychologist


Excellent QME Course - I will refer to my colleagues.


L.G., Oakland, CA     Psychologist


Great stuff – easy to digest and highly relevant.


R.L. Scottsdale, AZ      Licensed Professional Counselor


Excellent presentation!


K.B., Casselburg, FL       LCSW


Effective and efficient way of learning.  I like this method for QME credits.


A.V., San Francisco, CA      Psychologist


Wonderful course material.


G.M., Middletown, CT      Psychologist


Excellent course – good format for learning.


T.W., San Diego, CA       Psychologist


It was a good learning experience.  The material was clearly organized and will be easy to refer back to in the future.


J.C., Nerstand, MN      Licensed Counselor


This was excellent!


P.B., Charlotte, NC       Psychologist


I found this course clinically useful and thoughtful.


B.G., Cedar Rapids, IA    Psychologist


Another good course.


M.S., Los Angeles, CA    Psychologist


I have taken both in-person CE courses and some on-line courses. Without a doubt, this is the best on-line course I’ve experienced.  Very clear and a fine job of bringing together quite a large amount of information in an understandable manner.  Well done.  (Dr. Reamer’s Ethics Course)


D.H., Plano, TX    Psychologist


The instructor should be recognized for his clarity of presentation of a subject for which few definite answers exist.


D.N., Wausau, WI    Nurse


I appreciate being able to take this course online.


M.G., Roanoke, VA     Licensed Professional Counselor


Excellent course.  I liked the ease of taking it online as well as the content and technical structure.


M.H., Boise, ID    LCSW


I have been at presentations given by Dr. Reamer before – who better to take a course on ethics from than the expert in the field.


L.K., Phoenix, AZ    Psychologist


This course was informative and easy to follow.


R.A., Aptos, CA    MFCC


Excellent information!  I’ll be back!


T.G., Lewes, DE    LCSW




The mission of Psych Training Center is to foster the professional development of students and professionals in the mental health field by connecting them with high-quality training opportunities that can help them to reach their full potential. Psych Training Center, offers the possibility to find multiple academic activities including workshops, seminars, courses, and conferences, all in one place. Several companies, hospitals, mental health centers, and universities are part of our family. They continuously publish activities to our web page in areas that are of common interest for the mental health community. This is what makes Psych Training Center, an indispensable tool for those interested in reaching their full potential and improving their knowledge-base in their professions.






The following is a list of organizations that may be useful to the clinician and patient.  If you would like to add an organization to the list, please send the information to the program administrator.  We will include organizations that are reputable and whose information can be trusted.  Also, if you find a link that is no longer active or incorrect, please let us know.  


Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research


Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine


Alzheimer’s Association


American Board of Clinical Health Psychology


American Brain Tumor Association


American Burn Association


American Cancer Society


American Chronic Pain Association


American Council of the Blind


American Diabetes Association


American Epilepsy Society


American Fertility Association


American Geriatrics Society


American Headache Society


American Heart Association


American Liver Foundation


American Lung Association


American Pain Society


American Psychological Association


        Division 22: Rehabilitation Psychology

        Division 38: Health Psychology

        Division 40: Clinical Neuropsychology

        Division 54: Society of Pediatric Psychology


American Psychosomatic Society


American Public Health Association


American Society for Reproductive Medicine


American Tinnitus Association


Arthritis Foundation


Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback


Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers


Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals


Brain Injury Association


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


Gerontological Society of American


International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy


International Association for the Study of Pain


International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology


Lupus Foundation of American


Muscular Dystrophy Association


National Association of the Deaf  


National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization


National Kidney Foundation


National Multiple Sclerosis Society


National Osteoporosis Foundation


National Parkinson Foundation


National Rehabilitation Association


National Rural Health Association


National Stroke Association


National Women’s Health Network


Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association


Society for Psychophysiological Research


Society of Behavioral Medicine


Spina Bifida Association






Additional information