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Are the Courses and Tests Really Free?


All of our courses can be viewed for free.  In addition, the test for any course can be taken and scored for free.  The test can be taken as many times as necessary to achieve the required passing score of 75%.  At that time, if so desired, you may purchase your Certificate of Completion and get your continuing education credits.  Or, you may store the results in My Account for later purchase.


How Do I Set Up My Account and Login?


Registration.  First time users will be required to register an account with a Username and Password.  Simply click Create an Account from the My Account Menu to complete the registration process.  An account is not necessary to read a course or take the test; however, it is necessary to store the results.  For the Name section, please enter your first and last name.  This name will not be used for generating the continuing education (CE) certificate.  That information is provided under Personal Details.  Choose a Username that you are likely to remember.  Once the username is selected it cannot be changed.  Enter the E-mail address you would like to be associated with the account. Choose a password that has reasonable “strength” (e.g. letter and numbers) but will be easy to remember.  For security, we do not store any of the credit card or payment information.


Personal Details.  The information you provide in this section will be used to generate your CE certificate.  Although the information in Personal Details can be changed at any time, once a CE certificate is printed, it cannot be changed.  You may list up to four Degrees and these will be printed on your CE certificate; however, for the CE credits, the license information is the most important.  For Profession, choose the one profession with which you most identify.  Again, this choice does not affect the CE applicability. Please provide information for all Licenses that are applicable to CE activity on BehavioralHealthCE.  These will be printed on the CE certificate.  In some cases, your credits may count towards re-licensure for more than one license. Please note that CE certificates cannot be changed once the credits are purchased.  If you add a license after completing a course, it will not be included on the certificate.  


What if I don’t receive the Registration Confirmation Email


You will be sent a confirmation email after registering an account.  In some cases, this may be detected as spam or junk mail.  Be sure to check your junk mail box if you do not see a confirmation email.  To avoid this in the future, set your spam filter to allow emails from  This is also important if you use the refer-a-friend discount program.


How do I Login?


On the My Account Menu, you will be asked to provide your Username and Password to access My Account.  In My Account you will be able to access your courses, certificates and your personal profile.  In the login section you will have the option of selecting Remember MeCheck this box if you would like us to remember this computer. You should NOT check this box if you are using a computer in a public area such as a library, business setting, or a computer you don't expect to use in the future.   


If you have forgotten your Password, click Lost Password.  A security code (called a “token”) will be sent to your email.  You can either immediately copy and paste the token into the “Confirm your account” page or follow the link from your email.  You will then be allowed to re-set your password.  If have Forgotten Username, it will be sent to your email address. If you have any problems with this process, please contact the program administrator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What is in My Account?


In My Account Home Page you will find your Account Details and Your Personal Details.  The process for setting up your Personal Details is reviewed above.  This information can be edited at any time. In My Account you will find the courses that are in progress and those that you have completed.  All courses are in progress until they are purchased.  At that time, the course will be relisted under Completed Courses.  It is important to remember that the date printed on your CE certificate is the date that the course is purchased (whether it is printed at that time or not).  Once you have completed (purchased) a course, you may print it at any time in the future.


How Do I Get My Certificate?


Once you pass the test and complete the course evaluation, you can purchase the credits either at that time, or later.  After purchase, your certificate will be available for printing from My Account.  Your certificate, or a replacement copy, will be available for printing at any time (or as many times as you like), for five years after course completion.  If you do not have a printer, or desire to have your certificate mailed to you that can be arranged for an additional fee (See below).


What Are the Possible Payment Methods?


We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards as well as personal checks and money orders.  Credit cards are processed through a web site using secure encryption procedures.  As discussed in our Policy and Procedures, we never permanently store credit card information.


What if I Do Not Want to Pay by Credit Card?


If you are uncomfortable using your credit card over the internet you can arrange to pay for course(s) as follows:  Write down the title of each course you desire to take.  Determine the total amount for the courses along with a 15 dollar processing fee per course for off-line payment processing.  This is necessary due to the extra demands placed on the administrative staff versus online payment.  Send a check or money order to the mailing address provided under Contact Us.  You will be sent discount code(s) to use on the Purchase Certificate page.  The code(s) will be specific to the course(s) purchased and good for one-time use.  After entering the code you will bypass that credit card payment process and your certificate will be available from My Account.  When sending your payment please be sure to indicate the email address to which you would like the code(s) sent.  Please call or email us beforehand with any questions. 


What if I Do Not Have the Ability to Print the Certificate?


If you do not have the ability to print the certificate, you can arrange to have it (them) sent to you.  Simply complete your course(s) and verify that they are listed under My Account, Completed Courses section.  You should see a “Print Certificate” button for each course successfully completed (purchased).  The cost for printing and mailing a certificate is 6 dollars each.  Simple send a check or money order for the amount required and the address to which you would like us to send the certificates.  If you have any questions, contact the program administrator.   


How Do You Determine the Credit Hours for Each Course?


If you have taken online continuing education courses in the past, you may have noticed a vast difference in the number of credits assigned to a various amounts of material.  At BehavioralHealthCE we have attempted to standardize the method for determining the number of credits hours for each course.


The average adult reading speed for non-technical material is about 240 words per minute with a range anywhere from 150 to 300 words.  This equates to an average of about 2 minutes per page.  However, the comprehension rate is only about 50 to 65%.  For technical material, the reading rate to achieve reasonable comprehension is much less at about 50 to 75 words per minute or 5 to 6 minutes per page.  Given an average reading and comprehension for technical material of 50 to 75 words per minute a CE course should range from 3000 words per hour for highly technical information to 4500 per hour for less technical information.  Since most of the information presented in our courses is technical, and to be sure we provide an adequate amount of information for each credit hour, we use a standard of approximately 6000 to 7000 words per credit hour.


How Are the Courses and Authors Selected?


We are always looking for high quality courses in the field of behavioral health. Since behavioral health is an interdisciplinary field, the course authors come for a variety of backgrounds.  Ideas for courses come from user comments, research, publications and submission of course proposals.  An idea for a course may be submitted by contacting the program administrator or on the course proposal form.  The proposal is then reviewed by the Program Administrator and at least one member of the Advisory Board for comment.  If accepted, the final course is again peer-reviewed for comment by the Program Administrator and one or more members of the Advisory Board.  We always pursue course development in a collaborative fashion.  


Can I Take the Course and Print the Certificate Later?


All certificates are stored in My Account for printing at any time. However, once the certificate is issued, the information on it cannot be changed.  This includes such things as your name, license numbers, and date of completion.


What if the Courses do not Format properly or I am having Technical Difficulties?


We have made every effort to make the website compatible with the vast majority of web browsers currently in use.  This includes Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Mozilla.  You may encounter some problems if your browser has not been updated recently.  If you have technical problems of any type, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


What is Your Privacy Policy?


Please refer to the Policies and Procedures.


Taking the Same Course Twice


The system is designed so that each course can only be taken once.  If you attempt to repeat a course you have already taken, when you go to the test (while logged in), you will see the following message at the top: "Course test already passed, evaluated and your certificate has been purchased!"  We did this because some jurisdictions do not allow a person to repeat a course and we wanted to be sure a user did not accidentally take the same course twice.  However, in many jurisdictions, taking the same course in different re-licensing or re-certification periods is acceptable. 


If you would like to repeat a course that you have already taken, you can bypass the no-repeat feature in the system as follows:  Basically, you need to set up a new account.  The account can be exactly the same as your original account except you must use a unique username and email address.  To create a unique username for the new account, we suggest an easy method is to just add a “1” or the year (e.g. “2011”) to your original username so you can easily keep track (e.g. Deardorff, Deardorff1, Deardorff2011).  You will also need to use another email address since the system does not allow duplicates across accounts.  In setting up your new account, you can use the same password, personal details, etc.  Once the new account is created and you are logged in, you will have no problem repeating any courses.  If you have any doubts, we suggest that you check with the appropriate licensing agency to ensure that repeating a course in different certification periods is acceptable. If you have any trouble setting up a new account, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..










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